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Welcome to the world of luxury smokingā€¦the taste of perfect pleasureā€¦.

Smoking cigars is a luxury and a pleasure. A luxury, in that it must be seen as something that is added to your life to enhance it. Also smoking a cigar is a great way to unwind or celebrate a special occasion. Cigar smoking is a great pastime which can contribute style, sophistication and pleasure to your lifestyle.

Smoking its a pleasure, in that you must enjoy.  This luxury knowing that will not make you nothing else than pleasure in choosing which cigar are you going to experience next.

Smoking of premium cigars is a choice. It is seen as a luxury, or even a guilty pleasure that is an indulgence for premium cigar smokers. The sense of it being a shared social experience is also highly apparent. Cigar smoking is a behaviour which is driven by, or accompanies, specific occasions. Rather than driven by habit, we see it as a behaviour of luxury.


Queens cigars... with passion for tobaco...


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